Give yourself a Christmas without debt | Loan consolidation

At this time of buying toys for their children and gifts, for parents, siblings, their 24 brothers-in-law and 83 nephews, it is very easy to spend more than we earn. But first you have to review the priorities. Gifts do not take priority over paying for the house either mortgage or rent. Gifts also do not take priority over basic expenses; electricity, water, gas, food and gasoline to get to work. It’s amazing how people disconnect the logical side of the brain and spend crazy and at the end of the month they can’t afford to pay for the house.


Your responsibility first of all is to provide for your family first

Your responsibility first of all is to provide for your family first

If there are more above the basics, then gifts are bought. If the thing is really too tight or you have made a drastic decision to get out of debt, decide right now not to buy gifts. Buy one or two from your children but not the whole family. If the exchange of gifts in your family is bad, tell them they can’t or give their time. I love this idea of ​​giving a voucher to take care of the nephew so that his brother goes out with his wife. Or maybe a voucher to clean the yard or wash your car. It is not necessary to spend money to give something of much value instead of another ugly tie or another pair of socks.


You are not a bad person if you don’t give gifts

no gift

It would be ideal to participate in this exchange of gifts with everyone, but today there is no money for that. It may be that this is one of the reasons why it is in a hole. Decide firmly and take control of your life and put those expenses in the budget so that next Christmas is what you dreamed. Sorry, what they planned.

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